Peace Project and APAC Present Suey Park

APAC collaborated with Peace Project to bring its annual spring speaker — this year, we helped to bring Suey Park to campus!

Suey (@suey_park), who tweets to a 24K+ audience, is an Asian-American writer and activist based in Chicago and a prominent figure in the Asian-American community. Some of her most notable work include the trending topics #CancelColbert, #NotYourAsianSidekick,and #BlackPowerYellowPower. She has used social media and journalism as platforms to voice her concerns surrounding racism, misogyny and elitism in the United States. Furthermore, her work has been featured in The Daily Beast, and in the Huffington Post.

Suey spoke to us about her history of activism, the various ways in which she engaged Twitter and online platforms to enact different kinds of activism, and some of the challenges and struggles she faced along the way. APAC wants to thank Suey for instigating this conversation about the many forms that advocacy and organizing can take, and ways that communities can build power online!