Fall Speaker: Japanese Breakfast

Our 2016 Fall Speaker was Michelle Zauner, known by her stage name as Japanese Breakfast. After a 30 minute performance, we held a Q&A where she talked about where she draws her musical inspiration from, what it’s like to be an Asian-American in the music industry, and more (moderated by our very own Stacy)!!


Fall General Meetings

(1) APAC INTRO [10/5/2017] Our first APAC general meeting of the year went great! We talked a little bit about what APAC is all about before delving into Asian-American political engagement and awareness while eating some delicious dumplings.

(2) Asians, Asian-Americans & Hip Hop Culture [11/3/2017] We had a full house for our second general meeting this quarter! We discussed some of the nuances associated with Asian/Asian-American trap music and artists such as Keith Ape and Rich Chigga. On the other hand, we also talked about the use of East Asian imagery in hip hop.

New JEs! (Fall 2016)

Please welcome these new junior exec members to APAC’s executive board!

  • Kenneth Lim
  • Riona Oshima-Ryan
  • Isabella Ko
  • Seri Lee
  • Lillian Guo
  • Kevin Lee
  • Joon Choe
  • Kimberly Kwon
  • Philip Zehnder
  • Sanfeng Wang


Photo: APAC members old & new at the new JE potluck!

Wildcat Welcome BBQ

We had a very successful Asian/Asian American Wildcat Welcome BBQ! Despite the late start after some problems with the grill, we were able to make lots of food and have a great time at this event welcoming the freshmen and new transfers to Northwestern.

JubilAsian 2016


Check out APAC exec at the JubilAsian photobooth last month! We had a great time eating dinner, watching performances, and listening to the speakers at this annual event for AAPI Heritage Month!

ROOTS {community mosaic}


The ROOTS community mosaic project is officially completed and looks great! Thanks to everyone who participated and painted a canvas with us!!

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it on the second floor of Norris by the south entrance of the Louis Room.

General Meeting: #Justice4AkaiGurley


APAC had our first general meeting of the quarter today! Two of our co-presidents, Naomi and Stacy, did a short presentation on the case of Akai Gurley and Peter Liang, and everyone watched a video by Franny Choi that discussed it. There was a great turnout, and we really appreciate everyone coming and contributing to our discussion. It was also great to see new faces! Thanks for coming out and contributing to the conversation (and eating our dumplings)!! We hope to see everyone at the next general meeting.

New Executive Board

For Spring 2016-Winter 2017, please welcome the following:

  • Stacy Tsai – External President
  • Naomi Johnson – Co-Internal President
  • Tiffany Wong – Co-Internal President
  • Phan Le – Treasurer
  • Ashley Radee – Outreach Chair
  • Grace Jing – Communications Chair
  • Lisa Chen – Programming Chair
  • Alicia Zheng – Programming Chair
  • Crystal  Kao – Programming Chair
  • Leslie Zhang – Public Relations Chair
  • Daniel Li – Social Chair
  • Hayeon Kim – Coalition of Colors Chair

We’re so excited to have such a full board and look forward to another year of campus advocacy and programming!

Asian American Studies Major Declared


From our Facebook page:

“No history, no self. Know history, know self.”

After our initial excitement yesterday regarding the approval of the Asian American Studies Major, we want to now give a huge shoutout to our ASG Senator and former external president Kevin Luong for the student campaign he has spearheaded all year, Northwestern alumni and community members who have provided us with beautiful letters of support (http://nuasianamericanstudiesnow.tumblr.com/), the Asian American Studies Northwestern faculty for all the work they do in providing us this critical education and making this even happen, and especially to the original student organizers of the Asian American Advisory Board (now APAC) who went on a hunger strike 21 years ago to protest for Asian American Studies at Northwestern. This has been well over 21 years in the making, and your legacy will have a lasting impact on current and future students here at Northwestern who will now have even more opportunities to find their histories, narratives, and experiences within Asian American Studies.

Click for coverage by  North by Northwestern’s and The Daily’s.