Espresso Expressions 2018

Last Thursday, February 1, APAC held our annual Espresso Expressions event in Dittmar Gallery! While in previous years, Espresso Expressions has showcased Asian American talent, this year we opened it up to be a coffeehouse-style open mic night and alternative healing space for all students of color. Acts ranged from singing to spoken word and comedy. Our performers were:

。 ・ : * : ・゚ ★ , 。 ・ : * : ・゚ ☆
Daniela Hernandez
Jess Wang
Kimani Isaac
Chaoyian Gonzalez
William Paik
Monica Garcia
Camille Cooley
Melissa Calica & Joy Kim
Andrea Zhang
Nihar Gagneja

Aaron Clarke
Christine Hwang

。 ・ : * : ・゚ ★ , 。 ・ : * : ・゚ ☆

Thanks everyone for coming out to support and perform, and to our programming chairs Lillian, Jess and Grishma for organizing the event!


Spring Speaker 2017

APAC’s annual spring speaker event happened this past Sunday! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success, especially our amazing panelists!

The event was a workshop followed by a moderated panel and audience questions at the Block Museum Auditorium, with a break in between for sushi and other refreshments! The panelists discussed their work and how they relate art and other media to political discourse. Scroll through the photos below for more details!

APAC exec poses for photos with our panelists!

Stacy and Tiffany with artist and writer Larissa Pham

Sushi and La Croix in the lobby of the Block

Grace, our internal president, manning the merch table!

Co-Programming Chair Jessica really likes the booklet she made as a part of the Sad Asian Girls workshop led by Olivia Park!

This picture is misleading! Jess is happy about her cool Sad Asian Girls sticker!

Olivia with audience members! She was so nice and friendly, and talked with attendees throughout her workshop.

Olivia gives her keynote presentation on her work with Sad Asian Girls art collective.

Panelist Jessica Nguyen opened her keynote with a poem and talked about her podcast Project Voice and public speaking.

Larissa Pham read an excerpt from her book and talked about art and writing.

Jessica led the moderated Q&A with the three panelists.



Jessica Nguyen:

Olivia Park:

Larissa Pham:


Thanks again to everybody that came out, and we hope to see you at more APAC events in the future!

PR for EDGS’s Look of Silence Screening


Equality Development Globalization Studies (EDGS), housed in the Buffett Institute for Global Studies, held a three-part event series to commemorate the 50th  anniversary of the 1965-1966 Indonesian massacres. A one-day symposium on the massacres was held, The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence were screened, and director Joshua Oppenheimer gave a lecture. APAC volunteered to flyer and design a hanging poster for the event, show above.

Fall Speaker Christine Chen


APAC was grateful to have Christine Chen, the producer and manager of Wong Fu Productions, discuss with us her role at the company, how her jobs and family have shaped her identity, Asian American media representation, and the undervaluation of women’s perspective in media and film. Our Fall Speaker event was developed in collaboration with KPL, Multiculti (MFA), and NUFWA.

We’re thankful for support from the Asian American Studies Program, ASG Wild Ideas Fund, and CIC InclusionNU Fund. 

Wong Fu Productions & Everything Before Us

On the evening of May 2nd, Wong Fu Productions came to Northwestern! APAC and CSA were delighted to show them around Evanston and have them premiere their movie part of a very limited tour across college campuses. We were one of four schools and the only in the Midwest to host a screening of Everything Before Us, which will be released to the public online on June 3rd. People came from high schools, other universities, and far away cities and were able to take pictures with Wong Fu and members of the film’s cast and production team. They also fielded audience questions and took pictures with us!

Producers Chris Dinh and Christine Chen, Actress Victoria Park, Philip Wang and Wesley Chan of Wong Fu during Q&A
Producers Chris Dinh and Christine Chen, Actress Victoria Park, Philip Wang and Wesley Chan of Wong Fu during Q&A
Chris, Victoria, Jeanne, Theanne, Daniel, Jane, Phil, Christine, and Wes
Chris, Victoria, Jeanne, Theanne, Daniel, Jane, Phil, Christine, and Wes

APAC and Kaibigan Present Ruby Ibarra

APAC and Kaibigan hosted fall speaker Ruby Ibarra tonight!

Ruby is a Filipina-American spoken word artist/rapper/lyricist who describes her style as “a variety of topics — boastful raps, about my culture, society, politics, my experiences, and stories of others that I feel haven’t been told too often.”

Ruby first spoke of her experiences as a Filipina-American artist, and then performed some of her spoken word poetry and high-energy raps for us, some of which had to do with issues of her Filipina-American identity and her identity as a woman. In her final song, Ruby invited members of APAC and Kaibigan’s communities onto the stage to rap with her.


APAC wants to thank Kaibigan for collaborating with us and especially to Ruby for absolutely killin’ it!

Members of APAC and Kaibigan at a dinner to fundraise for Ruby

Peace Project and APAC Present Suey Park

APAC collaborated with Peace Project to bring its annual spring speaker — this year, we helped to bring Suey Park to campus!

Suey (@suey_park), who tweets to a 24K+ audience, is an Asian-American writer and activist based in Chicago and a prominent figure in the Asian-American community. Some of her most notable work include the trending topics #CancelColbert, #NotYourAsianSidekick,and #BlackPowerYellowPower. She has used social media and journalism as platforms to voice her concerns surrounding racism, misogyny and elitism in the United States. Furthermore, her work has been featured in The Daily Beast, and in the Huffington Post.

Suey spoke to us about her history of activism, the various ways in which she engaged Twitter and online platforms to enact different kinds of activism, and some of the challenges and struggles she faced along the way. APAC wants to thank Suey for instigating this conversation about the many forms that advocacy and organizing can take, and ways that communities can build power online!

APAC and CSA Present Spring Speakers Tim DeLaGhetto and Elephant Rebellion

For our annual spring speaker event, APAC and CSA brought Tim DeLaGhetto (a comedian and rapper who gained prominence on YouTube), and Elephant Rebellion (a collective of activists, artists, and writers based in Chicago)! At the beginning of the event, members of Elephant Rebellion performed songs based around issues of identity, social justice, youth empowerment. Tim DeLaghetto also performed some of his raps and then had a candid, funny conversation with the audience about his experiences as an Asian American man in the YouTube industry.

APAC would again like to thank Elephant Rebellion and TIm DeLaGhetto for performing and speaking to us, and also a big thanks to everyone who attended and made the event a success!

Franny Choi Kick Off

APAC, KPL, SYZ, Kaibigan, and Asian/Asian American Student Affairs brought Franny Choi to campus to kick off AAPI Heritage Month, which begins tomorrow on the first of May! Franny is a Korean American poet, spoken word artist, and activist.

Tonight, she performed multiple spoken word poems, including POP!goesKOREA! and Pork Fried Rice. Through this medium, Franny explores the collisions of identity, the volatile nature of language, and the relationship between an artist’s body and her body of work. APAC thanks Franny for coming out to inspire us and share her work with us.

Check out some of her other work here:

Franny Choi AAPIHM Kick Off 2014