#NoMuslimBan Walkout

An official statement from APAC:
“The Asian Pacific American Coalition of Northwestern (APAC) stands in solidarity with Muslims and rejects the unlawful executive order blocking migration from select Muslim-majority countries. The regulation of borders and citizenship on the basis of race or religion has long undergirded a history of seizing Native lands and proceeding to police consequent inhabitation; this ban builds on the precedent of anti-Asian exclusion acts first enacted more than 100 years ago and the internment of Japanese Americans under Executive Order 9066 during World War II. We cannot allow history to repeat itself, and therefore we refuse to be complicit in the efforts of Trump’s administration to deny basic rights to the Muslim community.”

The event, sponsored by student groups like IJP and MCSA, saw hundreds of students gather to support the Muslim community on campus and throughout the country. Additionally, it was written about in The Daily.


Asian American Studies Major Declared


From our Facebook page:

“No history, no self. Know history, know self.”

After our initial excitement yesterday regarding the approval of the Asian American Studies Major, we want to now give a huge shoutout to our ASG Senator and former external president Kevin Luong for the student campaign he has spearheaded all year, Northwestern alumni and community members who have provided us with beautiful letters of support (http://nuasianamericanstudiesnow.tumblr.com/), the Asian American Studies Northwestern faculty for all the work they do in providing us this critical education and making this even happen, and especially to the original student organizers of the Asian American Advisory Board (now APAC) who went on a hunger strike 21 years ago to protest for Asian American Studies at Northwestern. This has been well over 21 years in the making, and your legacy will have a lasting impact on current and future students here at Northwestern who will now have even more opportunities to find their histories, narratives, and experiences within Asian American Studies.

Click for coverage by  North by Northwestern’s and The Daily’s.

Emergency Action in Solidarity with Mizzou & Yale


In solidarity with the students at Mizzou and Yale, Northwestern marched in an emergency action that began at the Black House and concluded at the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, where a groundbreaking ceremony was being held for the new athletic facility. The demands called for included a stop to Black House renovations, a U.S.-centric diversity requirement for all majors, and a resource and technology center for Black students. More information here.

National Voter Registration Day with KRCC

On September 22nd, National Voter Registration Day, a couple of APAC members registered people passing by the David Purple Line stop. We were asked by former treasurer and president Yujin Maeng to help out KRCC, where she currently works as a youth coordinator.

Stacy, Adina, Kenny, Alex, Phan

Attending the Undergraduate Research Symposium

The APAC family came out to support the presentations of Yujin Maeng, Kenny Mok, and Rex Tai at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Yujin presented on “Asian American Political Incongruity,” Kenny spoke about “Political Engagement of Youth in Senegal,” and Rex showcased his project “Assessing the Time and Dose-Dependence of Methamphetamine-induced Toxicity of Dopaminergic Neurons in the Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta.”

Carrie Hsieh, Rex Tai, Tiffany Wong, Kenny Mok, Yujin Maeng, Stephanie Wang
Carrie Hsieh, Rex Tai, Tiffany Wong, Kenny Mok, Yujin Maeng, Stephanie Wang

Spring Issue of NU Asian

To celebrate the launch of our subsidiary organization, NU Asian, our co-presidents, Jeanne and Theanne, attended the launch party for their Spring issue. It featured stories about the establishment of Asian American Studies at Northwestern, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, and Korean and Japanese Hip-Hop.

Theanne Liu & Jeanne Hou

APAC at Typhoon Hourglass

APAC stepped out to to see our former communications chair Johan Qin, former programming chair Andrea He, programming chair Jane Shi, and internal president Jeanne Hou perform at Typhoon show tonight!

Carrie, Bisola, Jeanne, Jane, Theanne, Alicia, Adina, and Stephanie

JubilAsian 2015

To show our love for AAPI Heritage Month and our former president and treasurer Yujin Maeng (who also orchestrated the event alongside our advisor Louie Lainez), APAC attended JubilAsian. JubilAsian is an annual event put forth by Asian/Asian American Student Affairs at Northwester. We enjoyed spam musubi and banh mi and mango sticky rice, were in awe over the performances, and participated in unique table activities, like folding cranes.

Dan, Tiffany, Yujin, Carrie, Louie, Theanne, Jane, Bisola, Stacy

APAC at AASP Strikes Back

APAC honored our AAAB history by attending the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1995 hunger strikes for the establishment of the Asian American Studies Program. Kevin Luong, our current ASG Senator and past External President, also aided with event planning and performed as part of a spoken word piece.

Four generations of APAC presidents with hunger striker Sumi Pendakur; from left to right, Theanne Liu, Stephanie Kong, Kevin Luong, Yujin Maeng, Sumi Pendakur, and Peter Limthongviratn.

NU Asian Launch Party

A few members of APAC Exec celebrated the launch of NU Asian‘s fall issue on March 9th. Congratulations to their writers and staff on their wonderful issue! We all enjoyed the midday refreshments and discussing the issue’s ranging topics.

Stephanie, Bisola, Carrie, and Theanne attend NU Asian Launch Party