Wildcat Welcome BBQ

We had a very successful Asian/Asian American Wildcat Welcome BBQ! Despite the late start after some problems with the grill, we were able to make lots of food and have a great time at this event welcoming the freshmen and new transfers to Northwestern.


First Potluck of the Year

Theanne and Yunita hosted the first APAC potluck of the 2015-2016 academic year! We had a couple new faces, including Brandon, Alex, and Catherine. Dan also saved the day by running out into the hall and having someone take the photo for us!

Stacy, Brandon, Alex, Dan; Kenny, Phan, Yunita, Thane, Catherine, Tiffany, Stephanie


Alumni Chair Stephanie Kong organized a yummy Taco-Tuesday crawl in Rogers Park. Starting from the Morse Stop, the group walked to: La Cazuela, Tamales Lo Mejor de Guerrero, and El Famous Burrito. The alumni that joined us were: Class of 2013 Tina Zhao, PhD student Joy Sales, and Class of 2014 Kimberly Huynh.

Tina Zao, Steffanee Wang, Theanne Liu, Kevin Luong, Bisola Sosan, Carrie Hsieh, Stacy Tsai, Joy Sales, Kimberly Huynh, and Stephanie Wang at La Cazuela

Camping with Alumni at Illinois Beach State Park

For Memorial Day weekend, APAC members and alumni spent two nights camp-bonding at Illinois Beach State Park. During the retreat, we ate golden marshmallows as instructed by trip leader “APAC Vegetables” Stephanie Kong and perfect corn produced by “APAC Corn Maker” Yujin Maeng, “Corn Shaker” Stacy Tsai, and “Corn Breaker” Alum Billy Choo over fires started by “APAC Fire Master” Thomas Yeo and “Fire Master Apprentice” (FMA) Daniel Li. Other campers were nicknamed “APAC Enrique” Stephanie Wang, “Iglesias” Carrie Hsieh, “Korean Name” Kenny Mok, “Thing 1” Kevin Luong, “Thing 2” Rex Tai, and “Thing 3” Theanne Liu, and “Oh No” Tiffany Wong.

Beach poses
Beach poses; from left to right APAC Fire Master, Iglesias, Thing 2, Vegetables, Thing 3, Corn Shaker, FMA, and Thing 1.
APAC Iglesias by a beach tree

Lunch at 527 Cafe

Before Wong Fu arrived on campus, APAC exec and new JE ate lunch together at 527 Cafe following an exec meeting.

Bisola, Daniel, Kevin, Adina, Stacy, Tiffany, Jeanne, Alicia, Yujin, and Stephanie