Past Events, Solidarity

#NoMuslimBan Walkout

An official statement from APAC:
“The Asian Pacific American Coalition of Northwestern (APAC) stands in solidarity with Muslims and rejects the unlawful executive order blocking migration from select Muslim-majority countries. The regulation of borders and citizenship on the basis of race or religion has long undergirded a history of seizing Native lands and proceeding to police consequent inhabitation; this ban builds on the precedent of anti-Asian exclusion acts first enacted more than 100 years ago and the internment of Japanese Americans under Executive Order 9066 during World War II. We cannot allow history to repeat itself, and therefore we refuse to be complicit in the efforts of Trump’s administration to deny basic rights to the Muslim community.”

The event, sponsored by student groups like IJP and MCSA, saw hundreds of students gather to support the Muslim community on campus and throughout the country. Additionally, it was written about in The Daily.

Past Events

Fall Speaker: Japanese Breakfast

Our 2016 Fall Speaker was Michelle Zauner, known by her stage name as Japanese Breakfast. After a 30 minute performance, we held a Q&A where she talked about where she draws her musical inspiration from, what it’s like to be an Asian-American in the music industry, and more (moderated by our very own Stacy)!!

Past Events, Social

Wildcat Welcome BBQ

We had a very successful Asian/Asian American Wildcat Welcome BBQ! Despite the late start after some problems with the grill, we were able to make lots of food and have a great time at this event welcoming the freshmen and new transfers to Northwestern.

Past Events

JubilAsian 2016


Check out APAC exec at the JubilAsian photobooth last month! We had a great time eating dinner, watching performances, and listening to the speakers at this annual event for AAPI Heritage Month!

Past Events

ROOTS {community mosaic}


The ROOTS community mosaic project is officially completed and looks great! Thanks to everyone who participated and painted a canvas with us!!

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it on the second floor of Norris by the south entrance of the Louis Room.

Past Events

Sodexo Worker/Student Solidarity Action


Along with MEChA, APAC delivered to Sodexo 1200+ petition signatures calling for better worker contracts and improved working conditions. NBN covered the story here.

The text of the petition is as follows:

As students, staff, and community members involved in and dedicated to the betterment of Northwestern University and all the lives that the University influences, we are concerned about the current status of all campus dining workers. Campus dining staff are overworked, underpaid and deserving of greater treatment. We stand in solidarity with campus dining workers and their urgent demands.

We support food service workers’ rights to organize and improve their working conditions. This includes our support for a guaranteed 40 hour work week, benefits for part-time workers, personal days, funding for job training and increased wages, including a greater increase for late night shifts.

We are appalled by the numerous and ongoing reports of disrespect by Sodexo supervisors towards food service workers, people that are a part of the Northwestern community. We implore Northwestern University to ensure Sodexo workers are treated with respect and professional courtesy at all times.

We condemn the systematic mistreatment of campus dining workers from interactions with Sodexo supervisors to administrative disregard. All workers are entitled to dignity, respect and a just wage.
For these reasons and more, we, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with all workers on campus.