New Executive Board (2017-2018)

We held elections for the new exec board for the Spring 2017 – Winter 2018 term at the end of winter quarter. We are so excited to see what’s in store for next year! Please welcome the new exec:

  • External President: Alicia Zheng
  • Internal President: Grace Jing
  • Outreach Chair: Isabella Ko
  • Treasurer: Philip Zehnder
  • Communications Chair: Jane Yun
  • Programming Chairs: Jessica Wang, Lillian Guo, Grishma Reddy
  • Alumni Chair: Stacy Tsai
  • Social Chair: Joon Choe
  • Coalition of Colors Chair: William Paik
  • ASG Senator: Seri Lee
  • Princess of Vibes: Tiffany Wong
  • MAASU Representative: Kimberly Kwon

New JEs (Winter 2017)

We are excited to welcome eight new JEs to the APAC executive board!

  • Jane Yun
  • Vivian Xu
  • William Paik
  • William Kang
  • Tiger Wang
  • Suzanne Chen
  • Ivy Chen
  • Grishma Reddy


Photo: Some of our fall and winter quarter JEs at our hotpot social in February!

New JEs! (Fall 2016)

Please welcome these new junior exec members to APAC’s executive board!

  • Kenneth Lim
  • Riona Oshima-Ryan
  • Isabella Ko
  • Seri Lee
  • Lillian Guo
  • Kevin Lee
  • Joon Choe
  • Kimberly Kwon
  • Philip Zehnder
  • Sanfeng Wang


Photo: APAC members old & new at the new JE potluck!

New Executive Board

For Spring 2016-Winter 2017, please welcome the following:

  • Stacy Tsai – External President
  • Naomi Johnson – Co-Internal President
  • Tiffany Wong – Co-Internal President
  • Phan Le – Treasurer
  • Ashley Radee – Outreach Chair
  • Grace Jing – Communications Chair
  • Lisa Chen – Programming Chair
  • Alicia Zheng – Programming Chair
  • Crystal  Kao – Programming Chair
  • Leslie Zhang – Public Relations Chair
  • Daniel Li – Social Chair
  • Hayeon Kim – Coalition of Colors Chair

We’re so excited to have such a full board and look forward to another year of campus advocacy and programming!

Welcome JE

APAC family multiplies again! Welcome to a stunning total of ten new and passionate junior executive members. We cannot wait to get to know them and have them at the table!

  • Annika Zhang
  • Grace Jing
  • Helen Li
  • Henry Yang
  • Kelly Chen
  • Leslie Zhang
  • Lisa Chen
  • Poppy Shen
  • Sylvia Regan
  • Victoria Yam

Spring Junior Exec Members

APAC’s family has grown so much this Spring! We have welcomed in seven new Junior Executive members this quarter. Congratulations to:

  • Adina Cianciotto
  • Alicia Zheng
  • Caili Chen
  • Catherine Zhang
  • Emily Moy
  • George Mao
  • Phan Le

Spring Elections

Elections for next quarter’s exec board were held on the first of March. We welcomed back all experienced faces and look forward to working together on programming for Spring.

  • Theanne Liu – External President
  • Jeanne Hou  – Internal President
  • Naomi Johnson – Treasurer
  • Stacy Tsai – Outreach Chair
  • Tiffany Wong – Communications Chair
  • Daniel Li – Programming Chair
  • Jane Shi – Programming Chair
  • Stephanie Kong – Alumni Chair