New Executive Board (2017-2018)

We held elections for the new exec board for the Spring 2017 – Winter 2018 term at the end of winter quarter. We are so excited to see what’s in store for next year! Please welcome the new exec:

  • External President: Alicia Zheng
  • Internal President: Grace Jing
  • Outreach Chair: Isabella Ko
  • Treasurer: Philip Zehnder
  • Communications Chair: Jane Yun
  • Programming Chairs: Jessica Wang, Lillian Guo, Grishma Reddy
  • Alumni Chair: Stacy Tsai
  • Social Chair: Joon Choe
  • Coalition of Colors Chair: William Paik
  • ASG Senator: Seri Lee
  • Princess of Vibes: Tiffany Wong
  • MAASU Representative: Kimberly Kwon

New JEs (Winter 2017)

We are excited to welcome eight new JEs to the APAC executive board!

  • Jane Yun
  • Vivian Xu
  • William Paik
  • William Kang
  • Tiger Wang
  • Suzanne Chen
  • Ivy Chen
  • Grishma Reddy


Photo: Some of our fall and winter quarter JEs at our hotpot social in February!


New JEs! (Fall 2016)

Please welcome these new junior exec members to APAC’s executive board!

  • Kenneth Lim
  • Riona Oshima-Ryan
  • Isabella Ko
  • Seri Lee
  • Lillian Guo
  • Kevin Lee
  • Joon Choe
  • Kimberly Kwon
  • Philip Zehnder
  • Sanfeng Wang


Photo: APAC members old & new at the new JE potluck!


New JEs!! [Spring 2016]

We are so excited to welcome these new junior exec members to our exec board this quarter:

» Jessica Wang
» Lindsey Park
» Philip Wang
» Kimberly Chow
» Yiran Chi


New Executive Board

For Spring 2016-Winter 2017, please welcome the following:

  • Stacy Tsai – External President
  • Naomi Johnson – Co-Internal President
  • Tiffany Wong – Co-Internal President
  • Phan Le – Treasurer
  • Ashley Radee – Outreach Chair
  • Grace Jing – Communications Chair
  • Lisa Chen – Programming Chair
  • Alicia Zheng – Programming Chair
  • Crystal  Kao – Programming Chair
  • Leslie Zhang – Public Relations Chair
  • Daniel Li – Social Chair
  • Hayeon Kim – Coalition of Colors Chair

We’re so excited to have such a full board and look forward to another year of campus advocacy and programming!


Welcome JE

APAC family multiplies again! Welcome to a stunning total of ten new and passionate junior executive members. We cannot wait to get to know them and have them at the table!

  • Annika Zhang
  • Grace Jing
  • Helen Li
  • Henry Yang
  • Kelly Chen
  • Leslie Zhang
  • Lisa Chen
  • Poppy Shen
  • Sylvia Regan
  • Victoria Yam