About Us

Mission Statement
The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) is a Pan-Asian student group that strives to:

  • Raise awareness of Asian/Asian American social/political issues;
  • Represent and serve as Advocate for the Asian/Asian-American community;
  • Increase cross-cultural understanding through communication and coalition-building with the larger Northwestern community.
  • Engage. Empower. Unify.

See our constitution for elaboration on our roles.

Organization History
The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) is a student-organization at Northwestern University that strives to raise Asian/Asian American awareness and community-building on campus.

APAC’s history began in 1991, under the name of Asian American Advisory Board (AAAB). It started out as an umbrella organization for all of the Asian/Asian American student groups to coordinate and guide their different activities. In 1992, the AAAB gained A-status from the Northwestern’s Associated Student Government.

The organization began to make headlines in 1995 when APAC organized a successful hunger strike fighting for the creation of an Asian American Studies Program. The incident garnered public support from universities all over the country and has served to inspire a new generation of young Asian Americans.

In 2003, AAAB officially changed its name to The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC). The new name was intended to be more inclusive and reflective of the diverse and heterogeneous mix of Asian America. Along with the name change, APAC remade its constitution and redefined its mission statement towards a more holistic outlook, making commitments to community building by addressing political, cultural, and social issues of Asian America both within our own community and with the rest of NU’s population through various programs and events.

In the past, APAC has hosted events such as Asian American History Month, a screening of Better Luck Tomorrow with cast and director Justin Lin’s, the annual Mr. PanAsia and Powderpuff football and speakers such as actor George Takei,  comedian Margaret Cho, music video director Joseph Kahn and SuChin Pak of MTV.

APAC strives to maintain communication with and between Asian/Asian American students and student groups, other cultural and non-cultural students groups, the Asian American Studies Program, and the university administration.

APAC seeks to ensure that the Asian/Asian American voice is heard loud and clear on campus and to genuinely represent and foster our community.