Asian American Studies Major Declared


From our Facebook page:

“No history, no self. Know history, know self.”

After our initial excitement yesterday regarding the approval of the Asian American Studies Major, we want to now give a huge shoutout to our ASG Senator and former external president Kevin Luong for the student campaign he has spearheaded all year, Northwestern alumni and community members who have provided us with beautiful letters of support (, the Asian American Studies Northwestern faculty for all the work they do in providing us this critical education and making this even happen, and especially to the original student organizers of the Asian American Advisory Board (now APAC) who went on a hunger strike 21 years ago to protest for Asian American Studies at Northwestern. This has been well over 21 years in the making, and your legacy will have a lasting impact on current and future students here at Northwestern who will now have even more opportunities to find their histories, narratives, and experiences within Asian American Studies.

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