Espresso Expressions 2018

Last Thursday, February 1, APAC held our annual Espresso Expressions event in Dittmar Gallery! While in previous years, Espresso Expressions has showcased Asian American talent, this year we opened it up to be a coffeehouse-style open mic night and alternative healing space for all students of color. Acts ranged from singing to spoken word and comedy. Our performers were:

。 ・ : * : ・゚ ★ , 。 ・ : * : ・゚ ☆
Daniela Hernandez
Jess Wang
Kimani Isaac
Chaoyian Gonzalez
William Paik
Monica Garcia
Camille Cooley
Melissa Calica & Joy Kim
Andrea Zhang
Nihar Gagneja

Aaron Clarke
Christine Hwang

。 ・ : * : ・゚ ★ , 。 ・ : * : ・゚ ☆

Thanks everyone for coming out to support and perform, and to our programming chairs Lillian, Jess and Grishma for organizing the event!


GM: Pacific Islands and the U.S.

APAC members hosted a Pacific Islands-centric general meeting this week! It was incredibly educational and thought-provoking. We discussed various issues such as the politics of including Pacific Islanders in the term “Asian American” given that Pacific Islanders face different issues such as climate change, militarization, U.S. national vs. citizen, and others.

Thank you to Stacy, Alicia, Jess, and Minna for facilitating! Minna is a superstar and led a GM as a JE!

aapi gm.jpg

Fall Speaker 2017: Alok Vaid-Menon

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Thank you all for coming out to APAC and SASA’s fall speaker this year! We were so excited to welcome Alok Vaid-Menon to Northwestern! They performed their show, FEMME IN PUBLIC, which included poetry, stand-up comedy, and more. We were also lucky enough to have Professor Doug Ishii from the Asian American Studies department join us to moderate a Q&A.

Alok (they/them) is a gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, educator, and entertainer. Their eclectic sense of style, political comedy, and poetic challenge to the gender binary have been internationally renowned. Alok was recently the youngest recipient of the Live Works Performance Act Award granted to ten performance artists across the world. They have been featured on HBO, MTV, The Guardian, National Geographic, The New York Times, and more.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this event together, including APAC’s own Grishma Reddy, Jessica Wang, and Lillian Guo, and Swati Garg, Emily Diehl and Nirmal Mulaikal from SASA! You all did such a wonderful job of putting on a successful event!

Thank you to Professor Ishii for taking time out of his busy schedule to come out and facilitate such a thought-provoking discussion with Alok!

Of course, thank you so much to Alok for their spectacular performance! Everyone laughed, cried, and left with full hearts and minds, and so much to unpack!

Fall 2017 JE Welcome Celebration!

apac party.jpg

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a junior exec member! We loved meeting you all, and we’re looking forward to a great quarter with everyone!

Our new JEs are:

Rita Liu
June Choe
Joanna Yu
Alice Wu
Emily Wang
Kitty He
Leanna Feng
Minna Natsuko Ito
Judy Lee
Chloe Law
Madeleine Fernando
Ellen Wu
Alex Carther
Brian Meng
Brian Hsu
Tyler Huang
Katherine Lo
Congrats, everybody!

APAC Alumni Dinner

This weekend we had dinner with our lovely alumni! Three APAC alums, Peter, Yujin, and Stephanie, returned to campus to meet current members. We had sushi and went over to Kaibigan’s 2017 Pinoy Show, “Kai School Musical.” Thanks so much to everyone for coming!

apac alumni dinner

Spring Speaker 2017

APAC’s annual spring speaker event happened this past Sunday! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success, especially our amazing panelists!

The event was a workshop followed by a moderated panel and audience questions at the Block Museum Auditorium, with a break in between for sushi and other refreshments! The panelists discussed their work and how they relate art and other media to political discourse. Scroll through the photos below for more details!

APAC exec poses for photos with our panelists!

Stacy and Tiffany with artist and writer Larissa Pham

Sushi and La Croix in the lobby of the Block

Grace, our internal president, manning the merch table!

Co-Programming Chair Jessica really likes the booklet she made as a part of the Sad Asian Girls workshop led by Olivia Park!

This picture is misleading! Jess is happy about her cool Sad Asian Girls sticker!

Olivia with audience members! She was so nice and friendly, and talked with attendees throughout her workshop.

Olivia gives her keynote presentation on her work with Sad Asian Girls art collective.

Panelist Jessica Nguyen opened her keynote with a poem and talked about her podcast Project Voice and public speaking.

Larissa Pham read an excerpt from her book and talked about art and writing.

Jessica led the moderated Q&A with the three panelists.



Jessica Nguyen:

Olivia Park:

Larissa Pham:


Thanks again to everybody that came out, and we hope to see you at more APAC events in the future!

APAC goes to MAASU!

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Several members of APAC attended the Midwest Asian American Student Union Spring Conference last weekend. We made the 5-hour drive up to the University of Michigan from Evanston, and the festivities began with “Spring into MAASU,” the registration event with tons of Asian snacks and a photo booth! We attended workshops and learned about AAPI issues and networked with students from across the Midwest. The conference ended with a three-course meal at the closing banquet with several performers, including Franny Choi and DANakaDAN. Great weekend!

New Executive Board (2017-2018)

We held elections for the new exec board for the Spring 2017 – Winter 2018 term at the end of winter quarter. We are so excited to see what’s in store for next year! Please welcome the new exec:

  • External President: Alicia Zheng
  • Internal President: Grace Jing
  • Outreach Chair: Isabella Ko
  • Treasurer: Philip Zehnder
  • Communications Chair: Jane Yun
  • Programming Chairs: Jessica Wang, Lillian Guo, Grishma Reddy
  • Alumni Chair: Stacy Tsai
  • Social Chair: Joon Choe
  • Coalition of Colors Chair: William Paik
  • ASG Senator: Seri Lee
  • Princess of Vibes: Tiffany Wong
  • MAASU Representative: Kimberly Kwon

Winter GM: Model Minority Myth


Our winter quarter general meeting was a joint collaboration with SASA, the South Asian Student Association, in which we discussed the model minority myth. Stacy and Naomi, as well as members from SASA, presented a powerpoint that highlighted the harmfulness of the idea of the “model minority” and the inaccuracy of the term. We then broke out into small group discussions where we talked about our own experiences in how the model minority myth affects us. It was great to see so many people there interested in learning about this topic (and eating samosas)!!